5 Benefits of a Water Filtration System

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    5 Benefits of a Water Filtration System

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    Using an office beverage service is an excellent way to provide a healthier workplace for your employees. In the Covid-19 pandemic era, businesses are striving to do as much as possible to keep their staff safe and healthy. Offering filtered water will help them stay properly hydrated and stave off infections caused by unsafe water that contains impurities.

    Read on to discover the benefits of using the water filtration systems we provide with our office beverage service.

    1. Filtered Water is Safer

    Drinking unsafe water can have serious consequences. Most tap water in the United States contains some level of contamination due to pollutants and contaminants. The heavy metals, hard minerals and chemicals like chlorine that are often present in unfiltered water can cause digestive and intestinal health issues. They can also irritate your skin when you wash your hands. A good filtration system eliminates these impurities as well as bacteria and parasites that can make you or your employees sick. It also reduces the pH levels of water.

    2. Better Tasting Water

    Tap and unfiltered water often contains limescale and mineral deposits, as well as sulfur, algae and chlorine. These impurities can make your water taste and smell bad. When these elements are eliminated with a filtration system, water tastes and smells much better. This will promote better hydration throughout your workplace.

    3. Preserves The Environment

    Plastic bottles contribute significantly to the plastic waste stream. Even when you carefully throw yours away in the recycle bin, you can’t be sure they get recycled. By alleviating plastic water bottles from your workplace, you reduce your office’s waste and help preserve our environment.

    4. An Office Beverage Service Can Save Money

    The costs of bottled water adds up quickly. Using a water filtration system greatly reduces the cost of providing clean water for your employees.

    5. Minimize Damage to Plumbing and Appliances

    The minerals and pollutants found in water build up and damage your plumbing system over time. The elements in unfiltered water also affect appliances, including coffee machines, faucets and garbage disposals. Using filtered water will extend the life of your pipes and appliances.

    National Relocation Services provides premier office coffee and water filtration systems for companies of every size. Click here to learn more about the comprehensive office beverage service we offer to help keep your workplace healthy and productive.