Furniture Maintenance & Repair
executive office sitting room


NRS’ specialty is keeping your furniture stock functional, and reusing it wherever possible. This saves your organization money, and helps keep our environment healthy by saving the excess production of surplus product and avoiding the using of our landfills.

We can keep what you have good as new, often with only minimal disruption to your business operations:

Wood Refinishing

Wood and veneer furniture is still the gold standard in office furniture. But unfortunately wood is an organic material that is soft and susceptible to dings, nicks, scratches, and water damage. And over time, wood gathers dirt in the crevices and eventually loses its luster. You can work wonders to bring your existing wood furniture back to life with our wood refinishing services.

Wood refinishing cannot eliminate all of the damages, but it will fill and repair scratches, dings, and dents, and will closely color match. Then we finish it off with coats of stain and lacquer to restore the shine, giving the wood a new life!

We also do millwork like bank teller lines, wood architectural columns, wood doors, and wood railings!

Asset Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining your furniture, we’ll do whatever it takes to keep your investments working and looking their best. NRS refurbishes, refreshes, and revitalizes your existing furniture and makes them look “just as good as new” at a fraction of the cost of new. We’ll make sure your furntiure investments look and work great.

Our factory trained technicians repair, fine tune, clean, and remedy all problems that arise, from faulty casters to locked file drawers. Replacement parts are identified, ordered and expedited so damaged products can be repaired back to standard. Best of all, we can make these repairs on-site or off-site.


Those chairs you have may be very comfortable and well loved. NRS can assist you in purchasing new fabric and have the seating all recovered in new fabric! We can also reupholster your cubicle panels to change the office color scheme or make old furniture look current and modern again!


Repaint those old file cabinets! We can take your existing file cabinets and paint them all the same color to blend the old cabinets with the new for a fraction of what it would cost to buy all new matching cabinets. We offer on-site and off-site solutions.


NRS specializes in combining your old parts with some new parts and having them merged together in a melting pot of refurnbishment. We repaint all metal and plastic parts to one new color; relaminate or make new laminate worksurface tops, and put fresh matching fabric on your panels. We turn your old into new! We can also purchase used furniture from multiple sources and merge them into one refurbished project that looks like NEW!

Color Matching and Parts Sourcing

So your preferred furniture manufacturer doesn’t make that part you need anymore? NRS has numerous sources to find used parts that will replace your missing or broken cubicle parts. We can even custom match your discontinued paint colors!

Panel & Chair Cleaning

Sometimes the best thing a company can do to freshen up the office environment is to give the seating and cubicles a good steam cleaning. NRS can do this on site, during or after hours, giving your office a fresh smell and restoring the good looks of your furniture.