How to Sanitize Office Equipment

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    How to Sanitize Office Equipment

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    Disinfecting office equipment is one of the best ways to help protect your workplace against Covid-19 and other infectious diseases. Since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggest that the human coronavirus can live for hours and even days on various surfaces, it’s important to sanitize shared equipment. Here are the disinfection tips we share with customers of our office copier and printer service to help keep workplaces safe.

    Adequately Prepare

    Whoever disinfects your office equipment should take precautions to protect themselves against germs. They should wear disposable latex gloves and a mask while cleaning and wash their hands before and after with soap and water. Gloves should be discarded after every use.

    Set a Regular Disinfection Schedule

    In order to maintain a germ-free environment, high-touch devices like printers and copiers need to be disinfected more often than in the pre-Covid era. Set a schedule that includes the beginning and end of the day and at least one time in the middle of the day. For best results, it should be done continuously, including midday, at lunch and mid-afternoon.

    Disinfect Carefully

    Be careful when you clean and sanitize copiers and printers. Here are the steps you should follow:

    · Turn off and unplug your device. Never clean and disinfect when equipment is on.
    · Use an EPA registered disinfectant that won’t corrode your machine. Avoid products that contain bleach, as they can be too harsh for your equipment.
    · Never spray disinfectant directly onto a device. Spray product onto a microfiber cloth and wipe all surfaces. Pay special attention to high touch areas like touchscreens, paper trays and buttons. Avoid open areas like USB ports that can be damaged by exposure to moisture.
    · Wait until surfaces are dry before plugging the machine back in.

    Make Sanitation Accessible

    Establish a sanitation station near your widely used devices. Provide hand sanitizer and wipes, as well as disinfectant. Display instructions for disinfecting so employees can sanitize after using the equipment. Post signage that promotes hand washing before and after using equipment and social distancing when waiting to use it. National Relocation Services can help you with all your signage needs in addition to providing office furniture and equipment solutions.

    Promote Use of Mobile Apps

    Many office devices offer mobile apps so they can be accessed with a smartphone. This allows employees to upload, scan and print without touching the devices repeatedly, which helps reduce the transmission of germs. Promote the use of these apps and provide employees directions on how to download and use them.

    Disinfection is your first line of defense against the germs that cause Covid-19, the flu and other infectious diseases. If you work to keep your office and equipment clean and sanitized, you’ll create a happier, healthier workplace. Click here to learn more about our wide array of offerings, including our office copier and printer service.