The New COVID Workplace

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    The New COVID Workplace

    The New COVID Workplace 716 403 National Relocation Services Inc

    Many businesses are re-opening and preparing for the new normal, which includes many challenges due to the Covid-19 health crisis. Companies are required to put new safety measures into place and enforce distancing regulations so that employees can safely return to work. These changes affect everything from office space planning and the number of staff allowed on site to ramped-up disinfection practices and office furniture.

    Businesses need to ensure that employees can practice physical distancing and minimize their risk of illness while in the workplace. This means that most office spaces need to be reconfigured to provide at least six feet of distance between workstations, in meeting areas and shared spaces like break rooms. Most businesses are also required to ramp up regular cleaning and implement disinfection protocols.

    NRSCA can help plan and provision for the new COVID workplace in a variety of ways that result in a safe, inspiring office environment.

    Reconfigured Workstations

    We help customers reconfigure existing workstations and create new spaces that accommodate physical distancing requirements and provide privacy.  Our solutions include everything from space dividers and cubicle extenders to consultation booths, linking panels and the installation of sliding doors for workstations.

    Wellness Screens

    One of the ways that infectious diseases like Covid-19 are spread is through respiratory droplets. This makes it essential to protect both employees and visitors by limiting exposure.   Our array of protective barriers provide safety while helping prevent the spread of germs. Wellness and safety screens can be installed on desks, as well as sneeze guards, which are a must for reception stations.


    Signage has become a must-have in the new Covid workplace in order to create one way traffic and direct employees or customers on where to walk to maintain the recommended distance. NRSCA can provide stylish signage options to direct traffic and guide people where to walk to maintain social distancing.  

    Wipeable Seating

    In an era where constant cleaning and disinfection are the new norm, it’s important to integrate furniture made from materials that will withstand such sanitation. It’s also key to eliminate porous surfaces and fabrics that provide a breeding ground for germs. We offer a wide range of stylish, wipeable seating options so that desk and lobby chairs can be disinfected regularly without damage.

    Relocation & Storage

    NRSCA can help your business remove or relocate furniture to make space for new items or modified spacing requirements. We also offer liquidation service and Temporary Storage options.

    Our goal is to help our customers create inspiring workplaces that help keep staff and visitors safe and healthy.  Visit this link for information on our how we can help with office space planning in Los Angeles, furniture and more to help comply with new regulations and keep your staff safe.